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Meal replacement powder OEM service available now

Meal replacement powder is an emerging healthy product that is beneficial for weight loss in recent years. Adhering to the concept of balanced nutrition and healthy weight loss. By adjusting and balancing the protein, traces, impurities, fibber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the body, it is guaranteed that there will be no obesity, fatigue, diarrhea, no rebound, and no change in eating habits during the process of weight loss.
Star Combo has the Automatic powder mixing、packaging machine, intelligent temperature control system, GMP clean room. Follow the strict requirements for various standards and systems in the production and processing ensure the quality of the products. Each link of the production line is supervised by technical staff to ensure it meets the standard at all times.
We are able to produce milkshake replacement powder, fruit and vegetable nutrition meal powder, comprehensive nutrition meal replacement powder, nutritious breakfast powder etc. Can be packed into bottles,tins,bags or sachet.